Al Habtoor Tennis Academy – The first of its kind opens doors for Tennis Enthusiasts of the region

The Middle East region boasts immense sporting talents, but only a few sports academies are there to hone the skills of the promising young talent. Identifying the need for world class facilities to shape up the future tennis stars of the UAE, Khalaf Al Habtoor, the visionary chairman of the Al Habtoor Gorup envisaged the Al Habtoor Tennis Academy.
Located at the idyllic Habtoor Grand Resort and Spa in Jumeirah, the Tennis Academy has one of the world’s top coaches Misel Klesinger at the helm of affairs. One of the high profile tennis coaches from Germany who has the credit of supervising over 200 coaching clubs in Bonn and Frankfurt, Klesinger brings with him over 16 years of experience working with high profile players in Germany and around the world.
Speaking on the role of Al Habtoor Tennis Academy, Chief Coach Misel said “The academy aims to give opportunity to young players to develop their skills. This will help them to improve and turn into extraordinary players. They are taught to compete from a very young age and by the time they are 8, 9 or 10 years they are little champions and have bigger chances to play in international tournaments.”
Introducing a budding champ Amir from Uzbekistan who recently turned 7, the coach demonstrated the young prodigy’s skills at playing single handed back strokes with finesse. The lad whose idolizes international champ Roger Federer, packs a lot of energy and skill for his age.

Misel outlined the role of Al Habtoor Tennis Academy as a premier institution in this region which focuses on discovering young talent, developing their skills and making them the stars of tomorrow.
The academy also benefits from being the venue for the Al Habtoor Tennis Challenge the first Professional Ladies Tennis Event in the region. The students at the academy are part of the international tournament where they get to witness the players in action from close quarters.
The academy boasts a wide cross section of players. There are around ten young players shaping to be world class players. They include the promising young Sonia Plotnikova (8 years / Russian Circuit Champion), Vladimir Polyakov (15 years / No 2, Russian Champion in ITF), and Yunos Ibragimov, Marietta Papzyan and Dania Krapivtsev – the rising world stars of tomorrow and who are all below 8 years.
In addition to the rising stars, there are also 40 to 50 regular players and over 100 players who play for hobby and recreation.
Kareem Alayli, the Lebanese Champion and a No. 1 Davis Cup and ATP Player who regularly practices at the academy commented “The academy is a very unique and special idea. The facilities offered are world class and one of the best.”
He was full of praise for the coaches and staff at the academy as he concluded adding “the coaches are highly professional, very friendly and they are equipped to make professional players out of beginners.”
From the looks of it, Al Habtoor Tennis Academy is definitely a proactive initiative that is poised to develop the future of the game in the region and will help the players from Dubai scale to greater heights to reach the highest ranks of the game.


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